Touring setup for 2019

As part of my touring setup for next year, I have purchased the Kriega Duo 36 Saddlebags. Throw over luggage for my Yamaha XSR900. They are fully adjustable and easy to fit. They suggest a £90 support frame for the XSR900, but I decided to simply fashion some aluminium side panels to protect the bags from rubbing against the tyres.


I bought some 1.5mm Aluminium sheet from Wickes. I created a cardboard plan first before transferring it to the metal plate. With a hacksaw and metal file, I cut and shaped it until I was happy with it.


Waxing the boots

I'm giving parrafin wax a go on my Stylmartin boots. I want them to become waterproof. Initially, I have cleaned and sprayed the boots with a silicon based coating which impregnates the materials and will sit under the wax. 


I warmed with a hair dryer and rubbed tea-light candle wax all over the boots. Further warming melts the wax and soaks into the stitching. 


Halvarssons Two Piece Suit

I thought I would treat myself to a proper motorcycle suit. I bought the Halvarssons Wolf Jacket and Wish pants.

I hate always having to carry waterproofs everywhere I ride and stopping every time it starts to rain. Having rain gear adds weight to my bag and feels so inconvenient.

This jacket and trousers are a laminate with a detachable thermal liner, so they are waterproof windproof and breathable. I look forward to wearing it during my M25 commute.

Halvarssons Wolf Jacket and Halvarssons Wish Pants
from MOTOLEGENDS in Guildford


Fujifilm (MCEX-16) 16mm Extension Tube

Trying out my new Fujifilm MEX extension tube this month. I had third party versions of this, however they could never connect properly and would cause problems during shot taking. So I decided to cut my losses and purchase the proper one. It's so much better. The response time is amazing and I'm very happy with the results. I'm finding the Fuji 18-55mm and the 56mm are the best lenses with this 16mm extension tube - close enough and good focusing.

Here are a few shots so far.

Fuji MEX 16mm

Paint it black

After several attempts, I have managed to paint some metal pieces on the Yamaha XSR900. On the first attempts I hadt created a good enough key and needed to sand down the metal more. After coats of primer and satin black spray paint, I'm finally happy with the results. Considering I did it all in my ill-equipped garage, I'm very pleased with the results.


Cubiks (2016-2018)

Cubiks provides sifting solutions to businesses, helping them find and recruit talented individuals. In 2016, I was asked to join the team to start providing some UX direction.

Working on international brand projects, security projects. I have been supporting Marketing, Development, Psychology and the international consultancy teams. Provider of User Interface design, mockups, wireframes and working prototypes.

Redesigning old systems (Candidate Hub)



Creating fresh new Bespoke products (BT, EE)  



visual mockups for sales pitches (Vodafone)

While finalising new product build, I'm sometime called upon to brand up a version for a potential sale. Here's one for Vodafone.


Conceptual design for new products (Cubiks Capture)

Along with creating the new website, I was also tasked with designing offers and promotional pages. Again, this is using the basic fundamentals of a responsive design layout. The single column design allows for easy breakdown and relayout for mobile and tablet.


Logiks Report design

The majority of candidates using the Cubiks products receive a feedback report. I created the graphics for the scoring and mocked up layouts for each type of assessment report.


creating scoring graphics for reports

Each candidate report scores the assessment in various graphical designs. For every new reports more graphics are requested. It allows me to be creative and offer something new each time.


creating colour processes for every client brand set

I have been involved in large wide-reaching projects. One project in particular was to update the Cubiks candidate experience. Once the redesign had been prototyped and agreed, I needed to make sure that every one of the hundreds of clients used a simple branding colour set to identify their brand across our products. I created colour boards for each of these clients using their branding colours. This branding solution linked up to four main client colours which controlled key elements on each page.