Fujifilm (MCEX-16) 16mm Extension Tube

Trying out my new Fujifilm MEX extension tube this month. I had third party versions of this, however they could never connect properly and would cause problems during shot taking. So I decided to cut my losses and purchase the proper one. It's so much better. The response time is amazing and I'm very happy with the results. I'm finding the Fuji 18-55mm and the 56mm are the best lenses with this 16mm extension tube - close enough and good focusing.

Here are a few shots so far.

Fuji MEX 16mm

The Journey

A short investigation of a journey. I take many road trips, stopping at the service stations in Great Britain. These are the forgotten memories of our holidays and brief encounters with other travellers that are not documented. It's important to remember the incident of life and that although not so important, they did exist, albeit briefly.