Forty Four

It's been an eventful year, 2016-2017. After crashing my BMW 5-series in 2016, I had decided to buy a BMW R NineT motorcycle to beat the M25 traffic. It saved me hours of sitting in traffic, just to get to work. I bought a GoPro and recorded some sessions while riding. Videos. I even managed a South Coast UK Tour on my motorbike. Videos.

As a family, we drove around the coast of Iceland in a motorhome. Probably one of my most enjoyable but stressful holidays ever. Videos and Photos

I went to Stockholm for a company conference and managed to turn it into a street photography opportunity. Photos

And in the last month, I crashed and wrote off my R NineT on the motorway accident. This was also caught on camera by a dashcam, not by me. Watch the crash.

My career as a designer is morphing again. Once a graphic designer then web designer. In recent years this has turned into a UX/UI Designer. I'm enjoying the planning side of my work, and I have started to do less coding and more design planning. It's a sweet spot I intend to hold on to.

I'm now 44 years old and I'm regressing back to my teenage ideals. I recently bought a sporty little Corsa and a second car. I wonder if I still have a massive amp and speakers in the garage. 

One of my intentions in this next year is to start clearing out my unwanted past. Boxed items, clothes, knick-knacks and some old books. I do love surrounding myself with lovely things but it's clouded with junk.

Time to move on.



I spent a whole year filming myself riding through traffic to work to find the time I needed to record an accident, my GoPro wasn't recording. Oh well. Luckily, another driver did manage to capture the accident I had. Generally, I'm fine. I have a slight back issue, some bruising and stiff neck. Other than that, the bike is a write-off. :-( 

Already looking at new bikes.