AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca UKMC (Permanent) 2001-2007 I worked as the only graphic designer in the marketing company at AstraZeneca in Luton.

  • Responsible for layout and design of the intranet using Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Designing and building web visual layouts for approval to the project sponsors
  • Artworking leaflets, brochures, posters and business cards.
  • Creating print-ready artwork for the printers
  • Providing departments with advice and support for supplying files to printers correctly
  • Controlling colour usage and adhering to the AZ Corporate Standard guidelines.
  • Working with CMS applications like Documentum, Vignette and EasyWeb to manage content.
  • Rendering video, holding intranet training sessions
  • Involved in project management of web projects

Work diary

December 2007 I have been displaced and made redundant from AstraZeneca after 6 years. I was the creative designer for the marketing and brand teams – supporting over 1000 staff for image and web requests. Over this time, I had been involved with the migration and conception of some great web projects and worked with some very influential people. I worked on some of the larger drug campaigns including CRESTOR, Seroquel and Nexium. I was also greatly involved with the Marketing company’s intranet strategy, creating new templates and training staff to use the CMS systems.

June 2006 Curently working on an AGILE led website strategy to build and rollout the new Content Management System. Working with CMS applications, Documentum, Vignette and EasyWeb. I now manage the uploading of content and postings, rendered videos and hold intranet training sessions for staff members. I'm also involved in the project management of various web projects.

March 2003 Involved with enforcing consistency through design, controlling colour usage and pushing forward the AZ Corporate Standard Guidelines dictated by AZ Global Marketing. This involves reworking many of the smaller internal sites, a migration exercise to newer, more stable platforms. Instrumental is the designing and building of a basic content management system 'Article Manager' with a web developer. It's a short term solution for a legacy problem. The CMS will allow staff members to control content to the field sales teams and direct their messages accordingly.

August 2001 Employed as a creative web designer in the marketing company at AstraZeneca UK at Luton. I start the role designing and building web visual layouts for approval by the project sponsors and artworking leaflets, brochures, intranets, posters and business cards. I create print-ready artwork for the printers and also providing departments with advice and support, for supplying colour correct files to printers.