Dixons Retail (DSGi)

Dixons Retail - Dixons, PCWorld and Currys (Contract) August 2008 – August 2011Working in Hemel Hempstead, DSG’s head office

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Tasks • Implementing the new Dixons.co.uk branded pages • Defining the new style guidelines • Building the CMS codes into the basic HTML pages • Creating product images • Liaising with the external design agency to integrate the site correctly • Supporting the permanent web team, building HTML page from designs, coding for cross-browser viewing. • Client work included; Hewlett Packard, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, Dyson and more. • Creating visuals and coding HTML/CSS • Converting pages to tableless code • Using the CMS system to upload images and content.

Work diary

August 2011:Finished with Dixons Retail after 2.5 years in the e-commerce web team.

February 2011: Working closely with the SEO and Content team to optimise each brand's page to allow Google indexing to occur. Reducing many of the multiple pages on the system to reduce clutter and allow single point access to highly visable point of sale pages with multiple uses of content. Stripping out hundreds of 'short-term' pages to allow the 'long-term' POS pages to exist.

December 2010: Dixons Stores Group International (DSGi) has changed it's name to Dixons Retail. Another year over and I have been involved in many changes this year. I'm spending more and more time organising and naming pages correctly. I am becoming a slave to the massive search engine, Google. Whenever a new page is generated these days, I look to the SEO team for guidance. They submit a phrase, content, slogans and title header for me to use. It creates a consistent workflow and allows us to build pages to last and gain value on the Google search results. My only issue is that some people don't understand the huge benefit of consistency and continue to insist that their page URLs are constantly changed. So we zero the clock and start again. It will be very interesting to see how far we get in the ranking for the pages I'm developing over the year.

April 2010: The last six months at DSGi have been quite busy with the rollout of a new platforms which better serves the sites with a robust CMS and admin interface. The three sites, Dixons, Currys and PC World needed their service pages, promotional and themed page re-coding to the new system. I have been involved in the migration project to move everything across to the CMS and creating new processes going forward. All the new HTML content is being coded as XHTML Strict 1.0 with CSS. It's now all cross-browser compatible too.

April 2010: The 'GeM' migration project has been a very challenging experience. Steep learning curves, frustrating at times but extremely rewarding when you realise it's complexity and the power the CMS offers. Currys.co.uk is now on the GeM platform.

February 2010: Being involved in the launch of the new Currys website. Built on Pixmania's Group eMerchant (GeM) platform, the Currys website delivers a richer experience to the consumer with more dynamic pages. On the coding side, it's also alot easier to maintain internally as the trading and category teams can now own and manage their products lines better. The web team can concentrate on the speciality pages and banners and site maintenance. Although live, there are still a few tweaks to be done but it's a great start to the cross-chain website update. Dixons.co.uk and PCWorld.co.uk will be updated next month with the same platform structure.

January 2010:I'm working predominantly on the GeM project. The rollout of the new CMS and website structure for all 3 chains.

October 2009: Launching Windows 7 at PC World With the launch of the new Windows operating system, Windows 7. PC World promoted the pre-order opportunity on the day of release. I built all the banners and imagery required based on the Microsoft 7 design.

August 2009: The Dixons rebranding project I'm involved with delivering the Dixons.co.uk rebranding project to the website. This involves building all the pages, navigation structure files and adding the content links.

April 2009: I have been working for Dixons Stores Group (DSG International) for 7 months now. This was initially a 2 month contract to cover the end of 2008 sales peak. In my time at DSGi, I have worked on various well-known brands such as AMD, Dyson, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Google, Acer, Microsoft and many others. I have created pages which are sympathetic to the brand and DSG's corporate style. Most of the work is created using (Raw code) Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop CS3, while working with their internal Content Management System and FTP servers to upload the files.

November 2008 I have been working for (DSGi) Dixons Stores Group International since November 2008. Based in Hemel Hempstead, the UK headquarters controls all the high street stores and e-marketing websites for Dixons.co.uk, Currys and PC World. Working in a small team of web designers. Our daily tasks range from creative web design, visualising, html coding, photoshop image work, web page integration, site migration, SEO search engine optimisation and email marketing.