Unofficial Wedding Photographer

This week, I attended a wedding of a close relative. Just the thought of being in charge of capturing that special moment of a couple's special day fills me with dread. So I found the being an unofficial photographer and guest much easier to deal with. It meant I could enjoy the day and also take candids and document the day in my own personal way.


I wanted keep to a muted colour palette as the lighting was quite harsh. The sunlight bleach into the main room where the ceremony was held. I purposely push the highlights up and lifted all the blacks to soften each image. I used a Fuji X-E2 with an 18mm f/2 and a Fuji X-T1 with a 56mm f1/2. I found this to be a comfortable setup although a fixed aperture zoom may have been more efficient than carrying about two cameras. Oh well. 

Take a look, some of the image are here.