Day 1


Day 1 Fridge Freezer campaign for Hotpoint In August, the new campaign for Day1 kicked off. I have been building pages for the current website and for the new site. I have created all the banners and promo slots using the 'hourglass' branding, and nailed down some key design idea for future campaign for the Day1 series.

img_2556This design started off with quick pencil drawing and then structural layouts. Once approved, I started adding the image assets and the page was built. It's always a good idea to confirm the structural layout ahead of spending hours creating a visual. This way there wont be any nasty surprises and the worst situation you're left with is an last minute image change.

At the time of this post, the design is on the fixed width website but I have created the three designs for the responsive layouts; mobile, tablet and desktop.

We're using Foundation 5 for the structurally responsive layouts in HTML. It's been some of the first pages built in this way and I'm finding it really easy to pick up.