Building Responsive Emails for Indesit


I was tasked to create an email for Indesit. The Digital Team were started to move towards responsive emails. I did the relevant research and found Google Email (Gmail) to be extremely restrictive, stripping out most of the styling. However, most of the other email clients performed very well. I created the initial designs using a previous Hotpoint brief. I had to calculate the dimensions of all the promotional images and the type sizes. Then used colour blocks to visualise the design. See below.

Once approved, I took the live brief from Indesit and fit each of the promos into the design. One can see that the Indesit email only uses one main promo, so I removed the second one, and continued with the smaller block promos.

The beauty of a responsive email build is that the content and layout is build only once. So if there are copy changes, these only need to be made once. The media queries adjusted the design and replace the images depending on the window size. So mobile see the layout below.



Indesit Email

Indesit Email