Current projects

I have several projects currently running.

002 Coastlines of Britain
Capturing the changing landscape of the British coastline.

008 Landscapes of Hemel Hempstead
Voted a 'crap town' in 2013. I want to photograph beautiful areas of Hemel Hempstead to prove otherwise.

013 Caddington village
Documenting the village and surrounding areas.

015 Heritage Train Lines
Trains, stations, platforms and engine sheds.

017 Worship in Britain
Capturing Churches, cathedrals and other places of worship in Britain.

018 Rural England

035 Street photography

036 Single portraits

038 Couples

043 Movement in light
Dance, Ballet, Performance

051 Urban sports
BMX, Skaters and Bladers

052 Football

If you wan to help with any of them, contact me here