The Deathbeats

This week, I revisited some old work for a client, The Deathbeats. It's important to be there for your long term clients to help them achieve their objectives. Whether it's a resupply of project work or a rework of images. It's great to be there for them and help them out.

I love working with clients and artists who have a clear vision. The @Deathbeats were after a unique look for their promotional material and were happy for me to take their portfolio of images into a different direction. I'm always happy to oblige a client. 

I use Lightroom for all my post-production photography work. I created a brand new set which gave me something completely new. It's called 'Vintage Green'. For the basic preset, I have added a green Tint and up'd the Contrast. I have recovered the Highlights and maxed out the Shadows. I have reduced the Whites and Blacks levels too. There's a slight desaturation of the colour and Clarity is up a third. I have clipped the black on the ToneCurve and added a small amount of pink in the shadows using SplitToning. Each image is then tweaked to finish the set.