Waxing the boots

I'm giving parrafin wax a go on my Stylmartin boots. I want them to become waterproof. Initially, I have cleaned and sprayed the boots with a silicon based coating which impregnates the materials and will sit under the wax. 


I warmed with a hair dryer and rubbed tea-light candle wax all over the boots. Further warming melts the wax and soaks into the stitching. 


Halvarssons Two Piece Suit

I thought I would treat myself to a proper motorcycle suit. I bought the Halvarssons Wolf Jacket and Wish pants.

I hate always having to carry waterproofs everywhere I ride and stopping every time it starts to rain. Having rain gear adds weight to my bag and feels so inconvenient.

This jacket and trousers are a laminate with a detachable thermal liner, so they are waterproof windproof and breathable. I look forward to wearing it during my M25 commute.

Halvarssons Wolf Jacket and Halvarssons Wish Pants
from MOTOLEGENDS in Guildford


Paint it black

After several attempts, I have managed to paint some metal pieces on the Yamaha XSR900. On the first attempts I hadt created a good enough key and needed to sand down the metal more. After coats of primer and satin black spray paint, I'm finally happy with the results. Considering I did it all in my ill-equipped garage, I'm very pleased with the results.